Make a gift to NPCA and receive income for life...

Types of Gifts

Charitable gift annuities.
Charitable Gift Annuities

Make a gift to NPCA and receive income for the rest of your life, no matter what happens in the stock market.

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Charitable remainder trusts.
Charitable Remainder Trusts

For those with assets of $250,000 or more, charitable remainder trusts can allow you to make a philanthropic impact while still having control over your donated assets.

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How A Charitable Gift Annuity Works

Step 1:

Gift Cash or Securities

Make an irrevocable gift to NPCA by donating cash, securities or real estate.

Step 2:

Receive Income

Receive fixed income for life and a tax deduction the year you make your gift.

Step 3:

Support National Parks

The remaining balance passes to the National Parks Conservation Association.

How Much Can You Receive

Charitable gift annuity payment amounts vary based on your age when you begin receiving payments and the size of your gift. Tax benefits also vary based upon the asset used to fund a gift annuity. For example, if you have owned stocks in a company for several years and they have appreciated in value, you may receive extra tax benefits than if simply funding your gift annuity with cash.

Below are sample payment rates based on a gift of $10,000 cash...

Age Rate Annual Payment Tax Deduction
65 5.7% $570 $3,521
70 6.3% $630 $3,751
75 7.0% $700 $4,152
80 8.1% $810 $4,542
85 9.1% $910 $5,299
90+ 10.1% $1,010 $6,157

The figures above are sample rates for a single beneficiary and are for illustration purposes only. The deduction is variable and based on the highest available monthly IRS Discount Rate.

NPCA can offer deferred gift annuities to individuals ages 60-64 with income payments beginning at age 65 or older. If you are interested in creating a two-life deferred gift annuity, both annuitants must be at least 65 before distributions can be made from a gift annuity.

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One or Two Beneficiaries?

Gift annuities can be established for either one or two persons. For example, you can establish an annuity for just yourself, or for yourself and your spouse or loved one.

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